It’s been a busy couple of months with patterns – a bunch of things coming together! This is one of the latest, and for which my mom was present for part of the “photo shoot” during her trip to Victoria. The red flower is a nice touch; thanks!

Crochet Pattern for Eventide @ kraftling.ca

Crochet Pattern for Eventide @ kraftling.ca

This was crocheted with Rowan Felted Tweed, which was a dream to work with. It has just the right loft and feel to give the lacy section structure, but is still nice and flexible for the more tightly crocheted side panels and sleeves.


1940s-inspired Hat

I do love classic movies and I’d love to spend some time re-watching some of my favorites. All About Eve, Arsenic and Old Lace, most Hitchcock films… there’s so many good ones. I enjoy the stories, but I also love the look of the settings and costuming, especially movies from the 40s. There’s something about that decade that really appeals to me, and I love, love, love the hats!

This pattern wasn’t inspired by any specific character or movie, just a general atmosphere. To me, this is a hat that demands action and adventure. This hat would’ve been worn by a reporter going after a story, someone involved in a high speed chase on winding mountain roads, a passenger on a train exploring a new country, a determined dame with a mystery to solve.

Hayworth Hat

Wise Owl Book Bags

Since my nieces are too young to be reading my blog, I can post about the Christmas presents I designed and made for them here and not worry about spoiling the surprise. The nieces are both turning into bookworms, which I heartily endorse being a lifelong bookworm myself, and I enjoy picking out books for them and purchased a couple for their Christmas presents. And since I also wanted to knit something for them for Christmas, I thought it’d be nice to do up a couple of bookbags (that will, I realize, in no way suffice for the amount of books they pick up at the library each trip, but should at least carry a couple of books at a time). And what is the best spokesanimal in favour of reading? An owl, I submit:

Wise owl book bag

Wise owl book bag