New patterns and Etsy event

I have been busy – a few new patterns to share, and an Etsy pop-up market event happening next week that I’ve been preparing for.

First off, the new patterns. A top, some neckwear, and a couple of crocheted projects have been finished and uploaded to the website. We’ve got Montreal (knit top with open back), Easy Lace (crocheted scarf with fantastic alpaca), Dunkelbunt (knit cowl with mosaic stitch elements), Shutterbug (knit reversible cowl, a great colourwork project made with beautiful Sweet Fibre Super Sweet Sock Yarn), Mod Hive (quick and easy crocheted blanket with great surface texture in Cascade Eco +), and the Vintage Vibe Beach Bag (also a quick crochet project that’s sturdy and a bit retro-inspired).

montreal_2 easy_lace_page_1 
dunkelbunt_1 shutterbug_1 hive_1 vintage_vibe_beach_bag_1And just when I thought I could take a holiday (as if I ever really take a holiday from knitting and crochet), I’ve got an Etsy event to prepare for and which I’m excited to be a part of! Etsy is launching the Maker Cities initiative, which celebrates local creativity in the community (more info here). There’s a few things planned for the week of festivities, including a pop-up market at Fort Common in downtown Victoria that I’m going to be part of. I’ve been busy crocheting and knitting a few items to add to my stash of finished objects. Since it’s summertime, I’m thinking bags are the way to go, so I’ve been working on another bag design so I can put some vintage bag handles to use! I’ve got some socks almost finished (they just need their afterthought heels). And beyond that, I just need to organize myself so I’m all ready to go!

I’m happy it’s summertime and I can be working outside with delicious iced coffee.