New patterns and Etsy event

I have been busy – a few new patterns to share, and an Etsy pop-up market event happening next week that I’ve been preparing for.

First off, the new patterns. A top, some neckwear, and a couple of crocheted projects have been finished and uploaded to the website. We’ve got Montreal (knit top with open back), Easy Lace (crocheted scarf with fantastic alpaca), Dunkelbunt (knit cowl with mosaic stitch elements), Shutterbug (knit reversible cowl, a great colourwork project made with beautiful Sweet Fibre Super Sweet Sock Yarn), Mod Hive (quick and easy crocheted blanket with great surface texture in Cascade Eco +), and the Vintage Vibe Beach Bag (also a quick crochet project that’s sturdy and a bit retro-inspired).

montreal_2 easy_lace_page_1 
dunkelbunt_1 shutterbug_1 hive_1 vintage_vibe_beach_bag_1And just when I thought I could take a holiday (as if I ever really take a holiday from knitting and crochet), I’ve got an Etsy event to prepare for and which I’m excited to be a part of! Etsy is launching the Maker Cities initiative, which celebrates local creativity in the community (more info here). There’s a few things planned for the week of festivities, including a pop-up market at Fort Common in downtown Victoria that I’m going to be part of. I’ve been busy crocheting and knitting a few items to add to my stash of finished objects. Since it’s summertime, I’m thinking bags are the way to go, so I’ve been working on another bag design so I can put some vintage bag handles to use! I’ve got some socks almost finished (they just need their afterthought heels). And beyond that, I just need to organize myself so I’m all ready to go!

I’m happy it’s summertime and I can be working outside with delicious iced coffee.



It’s been a busy couple of months with patterns – a bunch of things coming together! This is one of the latest, and for which my mom was present for part of the “photo shoot” during her trip to Victoria. The red flower is a nice touch; thanks!

Crochet Pattern for Eventide @

Crochet Pattern for Eventide @

This was crocheted with Rowan Felted Tweed, which was a dream to work with. It has just the right loft and feel to give the lacy section structure, but is still nice and flexible for the more tightly crocheted side panels and sleeves.

Tea and crochet on a misty morning

This isn’t from today, but a picture I snapped recently on the beach close to home. It was the perfect weather to take tea and crochet down to the water. I love the smell of the ocean; it reminds me of being in Korea. Now I’m hungry for Korean food again… Good thing I have access to a fantastic Korean grocery in Victoria. Thank you Hodori for the ga-nip and red bean pastry! I’ve been dreaming of that red bean pastry for years.


Downton Abbey & Beach Blanket

I was finishing up my surf city beach blanket last night and I thought I’d check out Downton Abbey while I worked. I got through two episodes, and I think I’ll return for more. I’m a little bit hooked already — I love the clothing of the period, so that’s an eye treat, and they do a good job of reeling you in and getting you interested in the lives of the characters. I might have to work on something that takes less of my attention so I can better watch the show next time.

Surf City turned out well though, I think. And of course, as soon as I had it out for picture-taking time, the cat had get in on the shoot.


Dirty Beaches and a beach blanket

I’ve got a nice sunny spot in my living room that I spent a good amount of time in yesterday working on a new project. Since the new project is a beach blanket, I thought it appropriate to listen to the Dirty Beaches album Badlands. It’s kind of an odd pairing perhaps: seaside and sunshine with these dark harmonies. But I do love the eerie lo-fi sound and I can imagine sitting in the sand at night by a fire and listening to the song “Lord Knows Best” with waves crashing in the background. I think I’d be happy listening almost exclusively to eerie, noirish, atmospheric noise that started for me with Tom Waits and Nick Cave and on and on from there.

The new project is working up quickly and it’s kind of a dream to crochet. Some crocheting around the posts gives texture that reminds me of water and sand ripples. And with a little help from a friend and her paper stash, I’ve got a really great colour scheme to work with. Minus the white, here’s a picture of the colours I’m working with as a sneak peak…

photo 4

I should hopefully have a picture up of the finished project before the end of the week if all goes as planned.