Weekend Coffee Cardigan

Except for the design element of having stripes going horizontal and vertical, the finished version of this cardigan looks almost nothing like the original idea, but it’s done! Or pretty much done… just a few things to finish up on the pattern.

Knit with Paton's Silk Bamboo in Sea and Foam

Knit with Paton’s Silk Bamboo in colours sea and coral.

I’m happy with how it turned out, despite it being so different from my initial idea. To me, this cardigan feels like a going-to-the-farmer’s-market or meeting-a-friend-for-coffee or reading-in-a-sunny-spot kind of a top.

It was knit first with Fibra Natura Cottonwood 100% cotton, which was a dream to work with (below). I’m sad this yarn is being discontinued. I also knit it with Paton’s Silk Bamboo blend (above right), which had great drape as well and the sheen of the yarn seemed to dress up the cardigan a bit.

Here’s my favorite picture of the cardigan from the very fun photo shoot we had (with the requisite coffee and chocolate having been consumed).

Weekend Coffee Cardigan

Knit with Fibra Natura Cottonwood, 100% cotton, in colours Susan and Kristen.



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