Dirty Beaches and a beach blanket

I’ve got a nice sunny spot in my living room that I spent a good amount of time in yesterday working on a new project. Since the new project is a beach blanket, I thought it appropriate to listen to the Dirty Beaches album Badlands. It’s kind of an odd pairing perhaps: seaside and sunshine with these dark harmonies. But I do love the eerie lo-fi sound and I can imagine sitting in the sand at night by a fire and listening to the song “Lord Knows Best” with waves crashing in the background. I think I’d be happy listening almost exclusively to eerie, noirish, atmospheric noise that started for me with Tom Waits and Nick Cave and on and on from there.

The new project is working up quickly and it’s kind of a dream to crochet. Some crocheting around the posts gives texture that reminds me of water and sand ripples. And with a little help from a friend and her paper stash, I’ve got a really great colour scheme to work with. Minus the white, here’s a picture of the colours I’m working with as a sneak peak…

photo 4

I should hopefully have a picture up of the finished project before the end of the week if all goes as planned.


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