The Drums, First Aid Kit, and Art Deco Pillow Trio

I finished a very long file yesterday and rewarded myself with a day off today. I had thought about spending the day running about town, but after checking the forecast last night, I decided to have an inside day, and I’m happy to have done so as I watch the blizzard from the warmth of my living room.

pillow_trio_4_smI’ve been having a very relaxing inside day, and after some yoga and reading this morning, I decided to put some music on and stitch up the pillow covers I’ve been working on these last couple of weeks.

The Drums accompanied the initial stitching, and then I listened to First Aid Kit as I carried on — is it because they’re from Sweden or is it those sweaters I’ve seen pictures of them wearing that make them seem like such a good soundtrack for any wool-related undertaking?

At any rate, I managed to get the pillows finished and I took some pictures as well. Now that the trio are done, I’m not sure that the blue and orange pillow really fits with the other two. Or maybe it’s just that I should have chosen different colours than the blue/orange — something more striking to mesh better with the other two.

All that’s left to do now is put together the pattern and decide whether these should be a set or separate, and then this project is complete! I’ll be happy to get back to an afghan project I was working on and test out a couple of new ideas I have rambling around in my brain.


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