Arm Knitting

Last week I heard about arm knitting infinity scarves. I thought, hey, sounds like a neat idea. I think I should try that.

Arm Knit Infinity Scarves

So I rummaged around in my yarn closet, looking for some super bulky yarn, but I didn’t have enough for entire scarves. I did have some bulky yarn and tons of worsted weight yarn, so I though I’d just use three strands at a time in the scarves, no problem. It worked pretty well, and I made three in short order and was happy with the results. They are really very light and cozy, soft and comfortable to wear.

With those test scarves behind me, I wanted to try making a couple with some super bulky yarn to see how they work up. I went to Michael’s on Saturday hoping to get some nice colours in Wool-Ease Thick and Quick. I am assuming this arm knitting craze was responsible for what I found there, which was almost nothing. There were about four balls of wool-ease in kind of an ugly pink (I’m not really a fan of pink, especially ugly pink), and basically nothing else. The walls were picked bare of all super bulky brands they usually have. I ended up ordering some yarn online.

So am I correct in assuming arm knitting is to blame for the sudden disappearance of super bulky yarns? Did it blow up that quickly? I’ve read bulky knits are forecast to be trendy this year, but I don’t think that’s the reason Michael’s was cleaned out.

And to think I almost missed this trend. I have my cousin to thank for telling me about it (thanks D!). I think this might be a sign to  get out of the house more.

And just as an aside, arm knitting does make a beautiful-looking scarf, but I just hope some of the arm knitters realize that they’ve basically learned how to knit once they’ve made their first scarf, and I also hope that lures them to the dark side where they’ll be tempted to pick up some real knitting needles and get hooked because there’s so much more you can do knitting-wise when your needles do the knitting, not your arms.

Exciting times in the knitting world. These arm-knitters will become an entirely new demographic that us needle knitters can potentially corrupt with our crafty ways. Long live the knit!



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