Happy New Year’s Eve

It’s been a great knitting year. Taking a few minutes to look back over the year’s projects, I see some that were frustrating, some that never got finished, and there were a few that were incredibly satisfying to make.

I think my overall favourite project from 2013 was the Peacock Pretty Blanket. I still love the colour Peacock Pretty with reversecombos in this throw (though it took me forever to figure out which exact shades and colours to use), and I was really pleased with how the reverse side came out as well. I want to make a separate blanket with the reverse-side pattern on its own to use as a bedspread.

Overlapping peacock feathers were the inspiration for this blanket.

Overlapping peacock feathers were the inspiration for this blanket.

Yeti Hooded Throw

Yeti Hooded Throw

I think my favourite yarn to work with was any of the Lion’s Brand Wool-Ease super bulky yarns. I used a few of them in different projects this year.  The colours are so vibrant — I especially loved claret and grass — and it works up so quickly.

2013 is also the year I discovered Cascade 220 wools. I definitely favoured all shades of teal this year. I did maybe a bit more crocheting than knitting. I learned how to double-knit and improved my crochet pattern writing skills. I figured out (more or less) how to knit short rows, but not well enough to actually use them in a pattern (that’s for 2014).  It was a good learning year.

As I look to my “Next to Knit List,” I see a lot of projects that I’d like to work on in 2014. I’d love to be able to have one new pattern a month, but that might be pushing it considering the complexity of some of the patterns I intend to work on. In general, I hope to have a few more blankets knitcrocheted this year, as well as a few sweaters/tops. Plus I’m hoping to work on a series of home décor projects as well. 

All in good time…

Happy New Year



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