Tempting time of year…

Although Boxing Day is behind us already, I’m seeing a bunch of emails in my inbox declaring “Year End Clearance” and “End Of Year Sale” from some of my favourite places to buy yarn.

Universal Whistle in latte.

Universal Whistle in latte.

However, I just got some new yarn in the mail that I ordered from Herrschners — I was looking for some DK yarns for a project and came across these beauties. I kind of finished the project that these were intended for though, so I’m going to have to use them for something else. The Universal Whistle yarn is an acrylic that I originally thought might look nice in a top, but it’s pretty slippery stuff and might work better in a home decor item of some sort — maybe even something Christmas-y. I’ll have to see how it works up.

FibraNatura, cotton

FibraNatura, cotton

I love the colours of the organic Cottonwood yarn: I ordered a very delicate mauve and an evergreen that might even work together in a project. And I really like doing shirts and other wearables in cottons. I find it often hangs so nicely, and people who have trouble with wool or other fibres have no problem with cotton.

Plus, for Christmas, my sister-in-law sent me some amazingly soft and beautiful alpaca yarn that her mother spins and I’m just trying to think of the perfect project for that yarn.

So what I’m really saying is I’ve got lots of new yarn to work with, lots of old yarn to use up, but I’m tempted to get some more yarn in some of these sales (I’m a sucker for Cascade 220 yarns and they’re in Craftsy’s year-end sale). The temptress of yarn sales starts me thinking, well, I do have that blanket idea and I’ll need a lot of yarn for that project, so I’m really saving myself money here if I get more yarn now. So the solution to this problem is not to not buy yarn right now, but rather to plan some new pattern ideas that will require me to get some new yarn right now, right?


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