Probiotic Strawberry Soda

Finally, probiotic soda success!

I’ve been attempting to create a healthy, bubbly drink for a while now and I’ve had some weird smells, some no bubbles, and some sorry-tasting soda up till now. I couldn’t seem to get consistent results with a ginger bug, and using baker’s yeast seems like cheating and wouldn’t create the same health benefits, so for this batch I strained some whey from plain yogurt in order to start the fermentation process.

I made a grapefruit soda and this strawberry soda, and both turned out really well. The grapefruit soda didn’t take as long to get bubbly — only about 3 or four days. The strawberry one took twice that long. I had them in different sized bottles, so perhaps that’s what made the difference. Or maybe ingredients — the grapefruit soda had just grapefruit and sugar, while the strawberry had a few other berries, a stick of cinnamon, and some coriander in addition to the sugar.

These sodas, in theory, should be healthy for you since they were lacto-fermented with whey, which eats the added sugar and provides the bubbles. The drinks are not too sweet, taste a bit sour (but in a refreshing way), and have excellent carbonation — fizzy small bubbles, not large big bubbles like in a bottle of commercial pop. Although the refrigeration process slows down fermentation, they’re still fermenting while in the fridge so they’re not going flat like  other sodas do after a couple of days.

It’s the perfect drink for summer… I can’t wait to try more flavours. I read somewhere that it’s possible to use a probiotic capsule instead of whey and I’m curious as to whether that would work the same. Seems like it might be an easy way to lacto-ferment without having to strain whey or wrangle wild yeast with a ginger bug.



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