Ginger Bug

I was trying to catch some wild yeast so I could make ginger beer, so I made a ginger bug (1 cup water, 1 tsp grated ginger, and 1 tsp sugar, adding new sugar and ginger each day until bubbly).

I did get an active ginger bug from this process in about five days, and promptly used it in a batch of ginger beer (water, sugar, ginger, lemon). The fermentation process took only two days, at which point I stuck the bottle in the fridge to chill before tasting. The results were pretty disappointing. The smell of the ginger beer was pretty sulphurous. Though the flavour wasn’t actually that bad, the smell really prevented any enjoyment of the drink and I had to toss it. The ginger beer did have nice carbonation though, so at least that part of the experiment worked.

My current theory is that I picked up a smelly strain of wild yeast that led to sulfur-smelling fermentation, or that there was a contaminant in the bottle I used. I have made another ginger bug and we’ll see if this one works this time…



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