Homemade Horseradish

Thanks to a good friend, I got my hands on a whole lot of horseradish root last week. I originally sought some out for a pickled beet recipe (the beets are fermenting now; there’ll be a post on those soon I hope), and ended up needing only a small amount for that. Since I had a whole bag of roots, I thought I might as well try making horseradish.

Horseradish root is more gnarly and dense than I expected. After cleaning the dirt off, I trimmed the ends and, while wearing gloves, used a vegetable peeler to peel. I was left with 16 ounces of the off-white root, which I then chopped up. Horseradish doesn’t release its volatile oils until you start chopping and cutting, so there wasn’t much of the distinctive smell yet.





I transferred the chunks to my food processor and began processing. After I had chunks reduced to smaller chunks, I added a few tablespoons of vingear, a few teaspoons of salt, a tablespoon of sugar, some water for ease of processing, and I let those blades chop. I had to take the top off the food processor every once in a while to mix it up, and this was done from as far away as my arms could reach. I’m fairly sure that inhaling too much of those oils could take a person out. Apparently, the finished product will last a few weeks to a few months in the fridge, and as it darkens and ages, it loses its potency. The small taste test I had after I finished making the horseradish suggested quite a bit of heat, so I’m looking forward to some roast beef tonight to try it out properly!


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