Curds and Whey

To prepare for some upcoming beet fermentation, I’ve been researching recipes to use. The recipe I decided on has whey on the ingredient list, and while trying to figure out the best way to create some whey, I stumbled on a quark recipe. I’ve tried making quark a couple of times and was never that pleased with the results, but I thought I’d give it another go since I need some whey anyhow.

I fell in love with quark in Germany; specifically, kraueter quark, which I remember tasting like something in-between sour cream and cream cheese, dressed up with parlsey, chives, and a mix of other herbs. Basically, quark is a soft cheese made from buttermilk and whole milk. It’s quite easy to do, just a matter of heating the cotents and letting them separate into the cheese solids and the whey, which is what they want to do anyway.

Allow the curds to drain for a bit and you’ve got yourself some quark.





I added some minced onion, garlic, and a variety of dried herbs to the quark. The flavour was a little bland, and it’s not quite the consistency that I remember from the German quark. Instead of creamy and thick, it’s more like cottage cheese. Perhaps they mix the quark with extra sour cream or other ingredient? I’ll have to keep experimenting.



Regardless, it’s quite a nice dip or would really taste great as a replacement for ricotta in some manicotti or ravioli. I think I might try adding it to some scrambled eggs for lunch. And I created enough whey for my fermenting beets and subsequent fermentation experiments. I’ll call this experiment a moderate success.



  1. If you add an acid, IIRC it helps the curds and whey to separate, but anyway, when I do that it produces a creamy paste-like cheese.

    Is your milk pasteurized? That can affect flavor and consistency, with the unpasteurized stuff giving much better results!

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