The Pickle Meister

My favourite time of year – autumn. I love fall produce, love the weather, love the smell in the air. While thinking about fall, I started doing some research on pickling (of course). We’ve been thinking about trying to reproduce some grandma sauerkraut here, and while looking into that online, I stumbled across THE PICKLE MEISTER. Now, practically for the name alone I had to have it. A gallon jar with a proper fitting plastic lid turned out to be impossible to find in Saskatoon, so I decided to buy the contraption from a friendly Etsy seller (

So the Pickle Meister ferments whatever you’d like it to ferment and it has a nifty airlock on the top to let gas escape, but keeps out other strains of yeasts and molds floating in the air so your soured veggies are less likely to spoil. And I’m on this whole fermenting kick at the moment, so I’ve been reading up on lactic acid fermentation — trés beneficial for gut flora, etc. — and am keen to try out a bunch of things.

But, though there’s many vegetables on my list to ferment (beets, sauerkraut, my own kimchi!), I decided to start with my all-time favourite sour item: pickled carrots, Aunt Jan style. Wednesday, I went and picked the last of the carrots from the garden and decided to pickle them that evening (I couldn’t wait).

You may notice some purple spears along with the regular orange carrots — those are a variety of purple carrot which had a very sweet flavour, but didn’t grow very big (perfect for pickling). Along with the carrots, there’s healthy doses of garlic, pearl onions, and dill, all bathed in a brine — sour and simple!

I’m counting down the days.


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