Turducken, Part Two

The second installment of the turducken affair (sorry about the wait!):

After quite a bit of researching of cooking times on the internet, we decided to settle on something between the slow cook and fast cook options that are recommended. We had about 8kg of turducken once the bones were removed, so at a temperature of 275 F, banking on 1kg per hour, we were looking at 8 hours of roasting time. We met at Darcie’s around nine on Saturday morning to assemble.

Minus one small chicken juice incident and having to McGyver a sewing solution, we had our turducken all trussed up and ready to pop in the oven around 10. (Since the oven is also a convection oven, we lowered the temperature by 25 degrees to accommodate its quicker roasting time.)

The turducken roasted all day long, and was ready at the anticipated time, about 6:00. We let it rest for one hour, tented, while we got the rest of the meal ready: a cheesy broccoli and cauliflower casserole, mashed garlic potatoes, salad, and extra stuffing.

There was lots of food, even with 14 of us eating, and, of course, we had to have dessert too: homemade butterscotch pecan ice cream served on blondies and drizzled with hot fudge sauce.

All in all, I think it was a resounding success. We made a great team!


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  1. Sounds like it was a very successful meal – minus the chicken juice incident – that just adds for conversation in the future! Next time the “team” puts together a meal – I suggest that the aunts & uncles be invited – could be an entertaining evening!!! I/We look forward to an invite!!

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