Sundubu Chige

Last night, I made the best sundubu chige I’ve ever made. This was one of the dishes I ate incredibly often while I was in Korea. Spicy and warming, it was especially tasty during the winter. I haven’t made it in quite a while though, for no reason in particular, but I was reminded of it recently and decided I had to have some.

Usually when I make my version of this soup I don’t use any meat. Last night, however, I decided to include some thinly sliced pork, which turned out to be key for flavour. I’ll never make it again without. The pork, along with some garlic, I stir-fried in a wee bit of oil until browned. Then I added water and let it boil for a while to increase the flavour of the stock. Since I didn’t have any fresh clams, I had to make do with a tablespoon of clam stock, and I added about a teaspoon of anchovy stock as well (both powdered and bought at a Korean grocery store). I finished the stock with a dash of soy sauce, a dribble of sesame oil, and a heaping tablespoon of gochujang (red pepper paste). I threw in some rice cakes as well at this point, even though they’re not usually involved in sundubu chige (I just love them so).

While that boiled up, I got my other ingredients ready: a couple of green onions, half of a medium-sized zucchini, and cubed the soft tofu (dubu in Korean, I believe). Those went into the pot to boil just until the zucchini was soft and the tofu heated through.

The soup was served with a bowl of rice, standard with almost every meal in Korea. It’s not the best soup leftover in my opinion, so we took it out .

I wish it weren’t minus 30 out right now. At the moment, the cold is outweighing my desire for more sundubu chige. If it warms up enough (or the desire for more increases) I may end up at the store for more tofu so I can mix this soup up again for lunch.



  1. Just thought I’d mention how lovely this blog is. Your food is inspiring, artistic, and delicious looking. It makes me miss being able to just pop out to the store and buy something like cilantro!! Anyway, always looking forward to what you will post next!

  2. I want!!

    I’ve been making lots of soups lately too (though, it’s spring here, I hate to have to tell you!). The best are with BBQed pork or duck from chinatown, shrimp dumplings, and lots of hot sauce in the stock!


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