Sweet, Sweet Candy

I’ve been experimenting with candy over the last couple of weeks. I’ve managed to make a few different things, but forgot to take pictures of most of it unfortunately, including a few different kinds of pulled taffy and a Mexican candy called panocha.

I really enjoy making candy, though I can’t say I’ve ever really liked eating hard candies or the kind of candy that sticks to your teeth. Pulling taffy was quite enjoyable, but I need more practice to get the technique right.

This past weekend, I decided to make some caramels. And then while I was at it, I thought I’d try some poppyseed candy (also known as mohneleck in German) and some sponge candy (or angel candy). I forgot to take a picture of the sponge candy, but it’s like the inside of a Crunchie bar.

The caramels and the poppyseed candy I did take pictures of though. The caramels were so buttery and nice and soft. I think I’d try using some maple syrup or brown sugar in them to give them a little more depth. The poppyseed candy was yummy and made with mostly honey and a little white sugar. Again, I think brown sugar instead of the white might be nice. Actually the two candies tasted pretty good together. Swirling them together might be the best of both worlds.


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