Gooey Cinnamon Rolls

I’ve been craving a good cinnamon roll. I haven’t had one in years. I think the last time I tried to make them was at least seven years ago and they came out dry, so I haven’t tried to make them again since then. I went on the hunt for a gooey recipe, and found one on Allrecipes that I decided to try ( All I can say is, Wow.

I found they browned quickly on the top and had to take them out earlier than is recommended, but the premature browning could be because of the extra butter I brushed on the tops. (I didn’t want to be disappointed with non-gooey cinnamon rolls, so I admit I did add a little extra butter and sugar!)

Upside down and fresh out of the oven, they tasted so moist and sugary. The dough was very soft and a bit sweet, not at all like a dry bread dough. And although most cinnamon rolls I’ve had in my lifetime have had raisins, not nuts, I really thought the exclusion of the raisins and addition of pecans made the rolls just that much better. I don’t think I’d ever add raisins to my cinnamon rolls again.



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