Mezze Plate

I borrowed an interesting cookbook from the library called Amjun’s Eat Right for Your Body Type, which has recipes that are based on ayurvedic principles of body type (vata, pitta, and kapha). I thought I’d share one of the meals I’ve made from the book.

This recipe is the Mezze Plate, which refers to a selection of assorted dishes eaten in the Mediterranean and the Middle East. My mezze plate has some adaptations because that’s just the way I do things.

First up, the bulgur salad. Bulgur is cracked wheat, and all it takes to prepare it is some soaking in hot water. While the bulgur was soaking, I chopped up some parsley and almonds and added some lemon juice and cumin. The recipe called for mint, but I didn’t have any. It certainly would have been more tasty with mint, and looking back, I wish I would’ve soaked the bulgur in a chicken broth to give it a little more flavour. Behind the bulgur salad is some edamame that I substituted for the green bean portion of the meal.

The recipe called for the chicken to be marinated in lemon juice and tahini, then grilled. The meal was supposed to be served with hummus and flatbread on the side. Since I started cooking late, I just cooked the chicken with the lemon juice, a little of the parsley mixture that went into the bulgur salad, and hummus right in the pan. The hummus with the chicken was quite tasty, and I’d definitely do that again to flavour up some bird. Instead of flatbread, I had some spanakopita in the freezer. The bite and saltiness of the feta meshed nicely with the rest of the meal.

And what better dessert to have with a middle eastern inspired meal? Well, I can think of a few things more decadent than pomegranate, but nothing that combines healthy with tasty as well!



  1. Sounds like an interesting & enjoyable meal! How about a bit of dark chocolate to go at the end of the meal – that’s supposed to be good for you and it’s tasty!! But actually for me, I’d have to take the pomegranate seeds as the dark chocolate is just too bitter for me!

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