Halloween Ouija Cake

Halloween = excuse to make a theme cake!

After having tried my hand at a jungle cake for my niece in the spring, complete with little marzipan hand-sculpted animals, I’ve been itching for another excuse to practice my fondant and decorating skills. What better occasion than Halloween? It’s pretty much my favourite time of year.

I finally decided on the ouija cake, simple enough to fit within the time constraints, yet intricate enough that it would give me some good practice with fondant. I must admit, I was creeping myself out a bit while making this cake. I truly expected to have nightmares about the witchboard last night, or perhaps wake up this morning to find it had mysteriously moved around by itself. Fortunately, there were no nightmares and no unexpected weirdness in the kitchen this morning.

The ouija board I based the cake on was just one I found a picture of online that I liked the look of. The cake is a pumpkin spice, with a cinnamon buttercream icing under the marshmallow fondant that covers the cake. The letters and other decorations are mostly made out of fondant as well, along with some tinted royal icing piped for effect. My favorites parts to make: the small sculpted details. Who knew a sun and moon could look so scary?

Happy Halloween!



    • I have vivid memories of those times too. The fondant tastes great if you like marshmallows because I use marshmallow fondant. It’s so easy to make and really is nice to work with. Remember making marshmallow toffee when we were kids? It’s not much different from that, except there’s a lot of icing sugar added. (Why did we try to make marshmallow toffee anyways? We did have some fun food experiments…)

  1. This is creepy…but fantastic! I remember trying to summon the spirits when I was younger and then I had nightmares for weeks. Serves me right! This website is really starting to prove my point that you need to open your own restaurant. I’d come for sure…especially if you made your animal-shaped pancakes!! Yum!

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