The beginning

The Ten-Year Plan to Blogging Readiness :

  • Lit degree? check
  • Love to cook? check
  • Knitting and other nerdy hobby enthusiast? check
  • Cat? check
  • Spend a lot of time at home? check

Looks like I’m ready for the big times.




  1. Ah Jo…I am at work late tonight waiting for my stupid simulations to run; am in the worst mood ever and then I read this post and it made me laugh out loud. Good thing no one else is here…

  2. Since I leave most of the ‘professional’ cooking to my wife, I seldom venture too far off my favorite recipes when prepareing my once-a-week Sunday evening meal. Therefore I speak not to the cooking aspect of your site, but rather to the site’s artisitc and asthetic layout. I find it warm and inviting with its varying shades of brown tones, and congratulate you on the choices you made for the suliminal backdrop – an ornate lamp shade to represent fine dining and a cleverly lit shot of your cat adding that homey feel that cats tend to create. With the photos of your dishes vibrant and vivd, this site is off to a great start. Nicely done, Jo.

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