A Pachuca Chalupa

So now that I’ve finally determined how to make a passable corn tortilla at home, I’ve been craving a Pachuca chalupa. In Pachuca, on the street that had no name, there was a wall that occasionally opened its window to the alley to offer up chalupas and tamales. The chalupas, once assembled, sizzled on a old cast iron grill that had the flavour of a well-seasoned pan (and probably lard). My attempt came close, but the chalupas weren’t near spicy enough, nor did they have the dirty grill taste that kept us coming back for more.

After preparing tortillas, I spread some homemade refried beans on the bottom, topped with some shredded chicken and green salsa. And then because there wasn’t any queso fresca at my local store, I used halloum cheese instead. The chalupas got fried until crispy, and served with extra green salsa.




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