New patterns and Etsy event

I have been busy – a few new patterns to share, and an Etsy pop-up market event happening next week that I’ve been preparing for.

First off, the new patterns. A top, some neckwear, and a couple of crocheted projects have been finished and uploaded to the website. We’ve got Montreal (knit top with open back), Easy Lace (crocheted scarf with fantastic alpaca), Dunkelbunt (knit cowl with mosaic stitch elements), Shutterbug (knit reversible cowl, a great colourwork project made with beautiful Sweet Fibre Super Sweet Sock Yarn), Mod Hive (quick and easy crocheted blanket with great surface texture in Cascade Eco +), and the Vintage Vibe Beach Bag (also a quick crochet project that’s sturdy and a bit retro-inspired).

montreal_2 easy_lace_page_1 
dunkelbunt_1 shutterbug_1 hive_1 vintage_vibe_beach_bag_1And just when I thought I could take a holiday (as if I ever really take a holiday from knitting and crochet), I’ve got an Etsy event to prepare for and which I’m excited to be a part of! Etsy is launching the Maker Cities initiative, which celebrates local creativity in the community (more info here). There’s a few things planned for the week of festivities, including a pop-up market at Fort Common in downtown Victoria that I’m going to be part of. I’ve been busy crocheting and knitting a few items to add to my stash of finished objects. Since it’s summertime, I’m thinking bags are the way to go, so I’ve been working on another bag design so I can put some vintage bag handles to use! I’ve got some socks almost finished (they just need their afterthought heels). And beyond that, I just need to organize myself so I’m all ready to go!

I’m happy it’s summertime and I can be working outside with delicious iced coffee.


Mystery Yarn

While I was still in Saskatoon a summer or two ago, I happened to find myself in one of the secondhand stores along 20th Street. I always check out the crafting supplies section because you never know what you might find. On this occasion, I found a couple of cones of yarn with a cryptic (to me at least) handwritten label on them. I fished it out of my stash the other night to do up a swatch with it.

Mystery yarn


It’s kind of lovely to work with. It’s a nice, neutral, natural brown, a little bit fuzzy like an alpaca, but fairly soft and a bit slippery, which makes me wonder if it’s a blend with some other fibre.

Any guesses about what I’ve got here?


It’s been a busy couple of months with patterns – a bunch of things coming together! This is one of the latest, and for which my mom was present for part of the “photo shoot” during her trip to Victoria. The red flower is a nice touch; thanks!

Crochet Pattern for Eventide @

Crochet Pattern for Eventide @

This was crocheted with Rowan Felted Tweed, which was a dream to work with. It has just the right loft and feel to give the lacy section structure, but is still nice and flexible for the more tightly crocheted side panels and sleeves.

1940s-inspired Hat

I do love classic movies and I’d love to spend some time re-watching some of my favorites. All About Eve, Arsenic and Old Lace, most Hitchcock films… there’s so many good ones. I enjoy the stories, but I also love the look of the settings and costuming, especially movies from the 40s. There’s something about that decade that really appeals to me, and I love, love, love the hats!

This pattern wasn’t inspired by any specific character or movie, just a general atmosphere. To me, this is a hat that demands action and adventure. This hat would’ve been worn by a reporter going after a story, someone involved in a high speed chase on winding mountain roads, a passenger on a train exploring a new country, a determined dame with a mystery to solve.

Hayworth Hat

Anchors away, finally

This project took some time to come together. It started out as something different, and then ended up turning into a shawl/wrap. The great thing about this wrap is that it can be worn in so many ways. I’m really glad this project worked out in the end. It’s always such a pleasure working with the Mad Tosh DK, and the colours are so fantastic. Here, I used Norway Spruce and Posy, and I love how they look together.

Wrap worn six different ways

Wrap worn six different ways




Follow the yellow brick road

We had a great time taking pictures of this wrap in Beacon Hill Park last week. Such a lovely, sunny day and so many good places to do photos in the park.

Yellow Brick Road Wrap/Shawl

Yellow Brick Road Wrap/Shawl

This piece was made with one of my favorite yarns: Sweet Fiber’s Super Sweet Sock Yarn in Abyss, Paper Birch, and Spanish Coin – such incredible colours, and Sweet Fiber is even dyed right here in BC.